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December 07 - Randy Wandell

PA Wilds Motorcycle Tours

North Central Pennsylvania motorcycling is some of the best in the country. There are twisty roads, elevation changes and most of all beautiful scenery. The area offers quaint villages, sprawling farm land, great people and great roads.

All of my PA motorcycle tours start in Lock Haven and wind through the mountains and valleys of central PA.

This motorcycle tour heads north on PA150 towards Jersey Shore and meets up with PA44. PA44 goes straight through Jersey Shore (a quaint little town nestled in North Central PA) and heads south across the Susquehanna River and through Antes Fort.

PA44 guides you gently through a gap in the mountains south of Jersey Shore and meets up with PA880 about 2 miles south of Antes Fort.

Taking a right on PA880 puts you an exhilarating ride twisting and turning through Rauchtown past Ravensburg State Park and up over the mountain. Once on top you glide gently down the other side of the mountain.

PA Wilds Motorcycle ToursAt the bottom of the mountain, PA880 goes right through Booneville, Tylersville and ends up in Rebersburg. This area is mostly Amish farms and offers some great views of the surrounding countryside.

In Rebersburg, PA880 meets up with PA192. A right on PA192 will take you west towards Centre Hall (the home of Penns Cave). This section of the ride is generally flat with a few gentle turns but the scenery is spectacular!

PA192 runs into PA144 in Centre Hall. A right on PA144 takes you north and up over Mount Nitany ( I highly recommend a stop at the top to look out over the valley below, the view is magnificent!).

PA144 descends Mount Nitany in a series of sharp turns and into Pleasant Gap. Though this is a short section of road (approximately 2 miles), it is guaranteed to leave you grinning ear-to-ear.

Central PA Motorcycle ToursPA144 continues through Pleasant Gap to Bellefonte. Bellefonte is a very old town and there are several shops and cafés to get lost in. Continuing through Bellefonte on PA144 will eventually bring you to PA150.

A right on PA150N will take you past Bald Eagle State park. If you didn?t stop in Bellefonte, this is an excellent place to stop. There are picnic areas and places to just sit and enjoy the scenery.

Continuing on PA150N will go through Blanchard, Beech Creek and eventually bring you right back into Lock Haven.

If this sounds interesting to you and you would like to join me for a tour, e-mail me at

I'm also available to plan your next trip. I have several trips that are guaranteed to put a grin on your face. From Skyline drive to Civil War battlefields, Niagra Falls to the Adirondacks, I can plan your trip so you don't have to.

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