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PA Motorcycle Trip Planning


Here you will find pictures of recent motorcycle vacations I've taken with close friends, motorcycle trip ideas and motorcycle tours that I have planned for the future.

I personally have a 2004 Honda VTX1300C and ride it throughout Central PA, constantly looking for roads and routes conducive to interesting and enjoyable rides that would make great PA motorcycle vacations or motorcycle trips.

PA Motorcycle Vacations and Guided Motorcycle Tours

I try to keep my single day motorcycle trips between 100 and 150 miles but I do have several motorcycle tours that encompass 200 to 250 miles. And for the real adventurer, I can plan a multi-day excursion through the heart of Pennsylvania with plenty of twists and turns to help you relax and enjoy all that the region has to offer.

Central PA Motorcycle Tours

Guided Motorcycle ToursNorth Central PA offers some of the best motorcycle touring you will find. If you are passing through the area, plan to visit the area or just want an idea for a Saturday afternoon ride, let me know and I can do the motorcycle trip planning for you!


Randy Wandell

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Guided motorcycle tours are a great way of seeing the countryside.  If you want to take a motorcyle tour, motorcycle vacation or motorcycle tour then use randy wandell.  Central pa motorcycle tours are a good way to see central PA.  Pennsylvania offers great motorcycle touring and motorcycle rides that offer magnificant views and motorcycle vacations that are the best.  You can see bald eagles and other wildlife in the PA wilds on a PA Wilds motorcycle tour.  PA wilds is a region that offers a great deal of motorcycle touring and motorcycle rides to make your motorcycle adventure a memorable one.

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